Single Side PCB for discrete
3 axis Stepper Driver Board with PC interface

CNCZONE's tachus42's 3 Channel Discrete Unipolar Baord :
This board is one single sided PCB which is capable of being manufactured by the DIY'er. It utilizes a DB25 connector that is configured to use a standard DB25 cable assembly for PC connection. It is capable of handling stepper motors with power supplies up to 35V. The MOSFET drivers are capable of very high current drive (>20A). However depending on the PCB material shouldn't be used at currents greater than 5 or 6A, without beefing up the traces from the FET's to the connector.
Tachus42 Wiki Support Info
Board Layout in pdf format
3 Axis Schematic in pdf format
pdf documentation
Copper for SS PCB Toner Transfer in Acrobat format (pdf)

Videos of the board   Video1 Video2  Video3

Parts Information for :

Parts List Printable Sheet

CNCzone's tachus 42 designed a 3 axis chopper board to complement the the above 3 axis unipolar board. This chopper board will allow power supply voltages greater than the voltage of the motor by substituting a chopper circuit inplace of a high wattage power resistor (sometimes referred as a ballast resistor)
tachus42's 3 Axis Chopper Adapter For the above Unipolar Driver
Copper for SS PCB 600DPI (png)
Copper for SS PCB 600DPI (pdf)
Schematic (pdf)
Component Layout (pdf)
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