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5 AXIS Simple DIY Interface Board

The DB25 connector on this pcb HAS to be female!!!!!

7-17-2006 This 5 axis interface board is new board designed for the DIY'er. It incorporate wide lands an isolation for the home PCB person. PDF's of the 5 axis schematic, copper, layout and BOM] are available by clicking on the links. The xml file for MACH3 is located in the following zip file: DIY5axis.xml


Setup information


Terminal connections

X1, X2, and X4 are screw terminals for easy connection. X4-2 is the common (0V, RTN or GND depending on how you think), X1-2 (DB25 pin 15), X2-1 (DB25 pin 12) , X2-2 (DB25 pin 11), and X4-1 (DB25 pin 13) are intended to be switch inputs that can be used for Home, Limit or ESTOP switches and have an associated LED to help setup. X1-1 can be used as an input or output and has a 1K pullup to 5V via R9. If used as an output you have the option to leave off R9 and use the active HI from the PC, or install it as it isn't a problem for the PC to drive. When used as an input, X1-1 doesn't have a capacitor to deglitch the contact bounce, but most software has the ability to specify a debounce time instead.

LED2 indicates AUX 1 status, LEDS 3 thru 6 indicate if there is a switch is closed on the associated X1, X2 and X4 terminals. LED1 is the 5V power indicator.

See Home and Limit Switches for more information on switch wiring.


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