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Back in 2003 I decided to build a small desktop cnc router to build wooden parts for Radio Control Airplanes. In my initial research of "Hobby" level stepper motor driver electronics I didn't come across anything that I felt I wanted to purchase that was in my hobby level budget. Having a circuit design background by education and job, I started designing my own, starting simply, learning about steppers, how to drive and performance issues. By mid 2003 in my research I happened across the CNCzone. One thing lead to another and the next thing I know, I'm collaborating with other members in developing some designs and posting them in an open source format. This is the result and continues to evolve today. I hope you enjoy your visit and return often.

Why Modular Designs

The question is always asked, why the modular approach? Here are the technical merits:

PRO's 1)Swapable for ease of troubleshooting 2)less expensive to replace a damaged motor driver 3)easy to spare when up time is critical 4) superior noise immunity less chance of incorrect steps 5) allows different drivers with different capabilities to be run 6) allows unipolar and bipolar motors to be utilized on the same machine 7) more growth potential. i.e. start with a simple driver, switch to a more efficient driver at a later date. 8) You can fuse each driver board independently


It costs a little more takes a little more space.

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If you have questions on any of the electonics, or how to setup the electonics, please post your question on my Bulletin Board.


I continue to grow the wiki, it's a "work in progress"!

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