Single Side PCB for Allegro A3977
Click here for a commercially manufactured blank pcb similar to this below
A3977 Stepper Driver Board
Board Layout Rev A
Board Schematic Rev A
Copper SS PCB 600DPI A(bmp)*
Rev A Copper 1 sheet*
Joe's version which includes 12V reg for fan (See Movie Below)
Board Layout (Joe)
Board Schematic (Joe)
Copper (Joe) (pdf)

The A3977SED is now A3977KED. Either P/N is acceptable.
Digikey P/N 620-1076-ND

MACH3 Users please note:
Substitute 2.2K ohm resistors for R17, R18 and R4 in place of the 10K values. Set Step and Pulse widths to 5us.
Board Instructions (my version)
To print the copper bit maps from IE, place the cursor over the link of the copper bitmap file you want
click "save as". This will place the file on your local machine (in a folder of your selection, Desktop makes
it easy). Open the file with Microsoft Photo Editor, under File > Properties set the Resolution to 600 Pixels/Inch

Rev A, just changes the physical layout to add more copper for heat sink purposes

Joe's Pictures Click on image to enlarge
Joe's Router using the SS3977 board

CNCzone's Phillby

Michal from Poland using the 3977boards to do motion control
Michal's machine moving with the ss3977 boards Needs DIVx codec (
Archived older version of the original ss3977
Board Layout
Board Schematic
Copper for SS PCB 600DPI (bmp)*
Same Copper but easier to drill*

Last updated 8/21/2007